2011-2015 Ford Explorer Class III Trailer Hitch install BB5Z-19D520-AA 2012 2013 2014

here is a step by step video of how to installed a factory OEM hitch on a 2011-2015 ford explorer part #BB5Z19D520AA .This video also shows how to install the factory 7 pin towing wiring harness. Here is where you can buy this class 3 trailer hitch. The hitch will include the mounting hardware, and the hole cover for your bumper after you cut out the hole.

If you are wondering, i used WD40 to spray the muffler hangers for easy removal, and then i used brake cleaner for easy install and then brake cleaner spray quickly dries out and removes any grease and then it will sit in place tight.

There are different OEM witing hardnesses with 7 pin connectors, for example, i have just back up sensors, but there is also backup sensors option and the parking sensors options, with backup park assist sensors the harness is different and has 2 big main connectors, best way to do is ask your dealer if you need one or the other if you dont know what you have. I bought my wiring hardness used on ebay. If you dont need a 7 pin connector there is just an add on wiring hardness.

You would have to order this Hitch from a dealer, but here are some different hitch options available on Amazon http://amzn.to/2jxu5se


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