Brandon Palaniuk 2013 Rigid Industries [Truck Boat & Trailer]

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Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Angler, Brandon Palaniuk, and his set up of Rigid Industries LED Lighting on his Truck, Boat & Trailer.

Lights on Truck:
E-Series – Mounted with forward projection in mind, these lights can be found on Brandon’s front bumper area as well as in the rear. One big light bar up above his wind shield projects over 300m down the road with enough light to read a piece of paper 1 mile away!

SR-Series – Mounted in Brandon’s grille as a part of “LED Grilles by Rigid Industries”, this SR-Series provides amazing looks and amazing functionality.

D-Series – You will find the D-Series auxiliary lights in the left and right front bumper areas in Driving configurations and in both red and white LED colors. The ultimate in overall coverage!

A-Series – Each wheel well utilizes the A-Series LED Accessory light on Brandon’s truck. This light projects an immense amount light for how small it is!

SR-Q Flush Mount – Backing up his boat and trailer can be a pain for Brandon! With this light installed clean and flush within his rear bumper, night is turned into day and backing up is not nearly as stressful!

Lights on Boat:
A-Series – Mounted in every compartment including his forward lockers and aft engine compartments, this little light draws nearly nothing but lights up nearly everything!

SR-M Flush Mount – Mounted in his inner gunnel, Brandon has no trouble seeing his deck during early mourning set ups or late night ventures.

Lights on Trailer:
A-Series – Mounted in several locations for several different reasons, the A-Series LED Accessory light has many uses! Whether it be for showing off his wrap, creating an “airplane runway” for when returning boat to trailer or needing that extra back up light when maneuvering your trailer around corners or into tight ramp areas, this little light ranks supreme!


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