Mille Bornes – Almo Films OFFICIAL Teaser Snowboard

Some amazing riding from this crew of Frenchmen. They definitely have fun when they ride.

Sylvain Bourbousson
Fred Couderc
Morgan Le Faucheur
David Livet
Victor Daviet
Yrwan’Golden”Garcia Léal
Ugo Maréchal
Félix Carlier
Also Featuring:
David Benedek
Josh Dirksen
Louif Paradis
Wolle Nyvelt
Herve Dalmolin
and more…
Produced by: Almo film. Alban Jehlen-Morgan Le Faucheur
Directed by : Morgan Le Faucheur,Alban Jehlen,Julien Rodrigues
Filmed by : Julien Rodrigues,Fred Schwal
Motion Design : David “Dash” Schaller
Edited by : Julien Rodrigues
Music :
The Death Set – ‘They Come to Get Us’
Written by J. Siera, B. Velasco, D. Walker, J. Landis, A. Epton
Published by Just Isn’t Music
(P) Counter Records 2011
Licensed courtesy of Counter Records

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