Thunderstruck 11 Teaser – Snowmobile Movie OFFICIAL

This is installment 11 in the Thunderstruck series and this movie marks a thrill-inducing departure from the hardcore hillclimbing movies of Thunderstruck’s beginnings. Thunderstruck 11 is about 40% climbing, 40% technical powder riding, and 20% technical tree riding. So literally, TS11 has it all! Any snowmobiling fan will get charged for the upcoming winter watching TS11! Go to today to order! Why do I make my teasers so long? Well, for one thing, I have always believed the more the merrier! Two, our films are always 2-3 times longer than the other films in the industry so it just makes sense to have a longer teaser. Helmet Camera POV shots info please check out!! Please, if you can, watch the whole teaser! Thanks! Jim



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