SummitHD Films – “S4: the Product” Teaser

SummitHD Films is proud to introduce another glimpse into the unique sport of mountain freeriding. S4: the Product is the result of several multiplying factors – first the sport itself, one with no constant and as dynamic as the terrain navigated for that enduring sense of freedom. Secondly your vantage point, our combined goal is to submerse the audience within the action of this film through a variety of on board & fixed High Definition view ports. The most important factor in the Product is the talented athletes that make these films possible. Riders such as Dan Adams, Rob Hoff & Bill Whittle continue to establish new limits between technique and gravity. Another exciting addition to this years film are a few new friends joining the A-Town Airforce: Jeremy Simmons, Jay Mentaberry & Greg Dana, completing the equation.

As with all our films, the Product contains tight tree riding, deep powder and huge natural drops…action packed from beginning to end!

Edited for ALL Audiences. Release Date: August 2010

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Teaser Song: ‘Bring Em Out’ by Within Reason


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